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Rajendra College, Chapra is an important constituent unit of Jai Prakash University, Chapra and is named after the first President of Independent India, Deshratna Dr. Rajendra Prasad.

It was established by the marathon endeavour of the two most respected persons of Chapra Dr. (Late) Harihar Sharan and Dr. (Late) Syed Mahmood Saheb, in the premises of Shah Banwari Lal Sarai on 01 august 1938. Teaching work started in the college from 15th.August 1938. It is a mere coincidence or a matter of pride that our country became independent on 15th.August 1947, after nine years, on the same date on which teaching started in this college. Dr. Rajendra Prasad, who was a professor in Langat Singh College, Muzaffarpur at that time, used to stay at chapra, while going to his village Jiradei. He used to discuss about opening a college in chapra with learned persons of region. Due to his inspiration, Dr. Mahmood, Dr. Harihar Sharan, Shri- Umanath , Shri Mahavir Prasad etc. started the process. There was a famous Shah Banwari Lal Sarai in the town, a huge campus built with an investment of Rs 3 lakhs, which was a huge amount at that time . Shah Banwari Lal, in a great act of charity and social service, donated this campus to the college.

In 1938 & 1939, for the first time Patna University granted affiliation for Intermediate (Arts) and Bachelor of Arts teaching, to Rajendra College. Consequently, Rajendra College became the first college to obtain the affiliation up to degree level. Again, in 1940 & 1942, Rajendra College got affiliation in Intermediate (Commerce) and Bachelor of Commerce. It is a matter of pride that the education of commerce stream started from Rajendra College in Bihar. Similarly, in 1944 & 1949, Rajendra College has the pride of being the first college, where education in all three streams (arts, science & commerce) was being imparted up to graduation level.

Bihar University came into existence in 1952. This newly born university granted affiliation for honours teaching in Hindi & Economics. Gradually, college also got affiliation for imparting honours in other subjects as well. Today, Rajendra College has become a seat & centre of academic activities for providing education up to honours & post graduate level in different subjects like Hindi, Economics, Political Science, History, English, Philosophy, Psychology, Urdu, Sanskrit, Geography & different disciplines of science like Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Zoology and Botany. In order to provide job oriented education, the college has started different vocational courses like BCA, BBA, Bio-Tech & BJMC. The post-graduate department of Rajendra College is back bone of the university education of Jai Prakash University, Chapra.

Shri Bhuneshwar Prasad, M.A., B.L., became the first executive principal of this college. Captain G.P. Hazari is credited to be the first full fledged principal of the college, on 21st. Aug. 1938. Afterwards, on 21st.Sept. 1939, Manoranjan Prasad Sinha became the principal of this college. Prior to this, he has been a renowned teacher of BHU in English and a reputed poet in Hindi & Bhojpuri.

The period of Prof. Manoranjan Prasad Sinha is considered as golden era for this college. It is to his credit, that science block, gymnasium, library & other buildings came into being by his grace & effort.

After the retirement of Manoranjan Prasad Sinha, Shri I. H. Rizvi became the professor-in-charge. After him, the college got a new principal Bhola Prasad Singh, under whose tenure; the college became a constituent unit of Bihar University on 1st.Jan. 1967. Unfortunately, Bhola Prasad Singh died on 26th.April. 1971 and Dr. Murlidhar Srivastava, the then vice-principal became professor-in-charge.

Afterwards, Dr. Binay Kumar became principal (Professor-in-charge) on 12th.July. 1971. Later on, he became full fledged principal of this college. Then we come across a series of Professor-in-charge like Dr. Ganesh Mehta, Dr. Roy Akhilerche, Dr. D.P Sinha,  Uday Shankar Rukhyar, Padmakar Jha, Umanath Sharma, Srinivas Dubey, Baikunth Pandey, Ram Ayodhya Singh etc under whose tenure, college has progressed leaps and bounds.

In 2015, very recently Dr. Ram Shresth Roy joined college as principal & is performing as a successful Principal, who has organized alumni meet, after a long period of time. This meet was memorable because several ministers, legislators, former vice-chancellors, & high officials participated in it and shared their memoirs relating to this college. The English department of college organised a two day UGC sponsored seminar on Shakespeare’s plays. Different private companies have been invited to ensure employment for the competent students of this college. A special issue of ‘RAKA’ which was devoted to great teacher tradition of this college has been released. The historical account of college as well as teachers is quite long & praise-worthy. Different teachers of this college have got an opportunity to visit abroad for teaching and research purpose. Many of our former teacher joined reputed universities and enhanced the prestige of this college. Dr. Manorajan Jha became head of political science department of BHU. Dr. Ali Ashraf became Vice-Chancellor of Jamia-Milia & Dr. Dhramdutt Sharma became pro Vice-Chancellor of Lucknow University. In recent times, Dr. Harihar Bhakt became Vice-Chancellor of Mithila University & Dr. Srinivas Dubey, Vice-Chancellor of J. P. University, Chapra.

In 1992, Jai Prakash University came into existence through bifurcation of Bihar University, Muzaffarpur. There are 16 departments in which post-graduate teaching is imparted in JPU. Up to 2008, these university departments had been running on the premises of this college. Even today, several university post-graduate departments are running in the campus of the college. Really, Rajendra College has been the most premier & prestigious institution of this region.


Principal's Message

“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think”

With this note of Albert Einstein, I bear the privilege to welcome you all at the Rajendra College, co-educational postgraduate pioneer institution of Bihar named after the first president of India. The institution is known for its pristine glory and historic past which is pioneering the noble task of imparting education in Science, Arts and Commerce since its inception in 1938. The college has a vision of providing a congenial atmosphere to students, enabling them to excel in every field in life, thus helping them to grow. The college is committed to creating an enriching educational environment that promotes student achievement and success in helping them to grow into healthy, happy and holistic global citizens of the world. The Rajendra College fraternity has remained and will remain effective to achieve its goals in a dynamic manner through its hard work and dedication.

 “Education should be directed to the full development of the human personality and to the strengthening of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.” In order to achieve the prescribed destination, education must have twin paths; one is based on the development of certain knowledge and skill and the other leads to the development of humanist virtue. The IQAC cell along with NCC, NSS team of the college is engaged in strengthening the mental and social developments of students through its various extracurricular activities. In this challenging present era to achieve success, one has to be updated with the surrounding environments. Keeping this in mind various skill development programs and activities are being conducted in the college in regular basis for the students making them one step ahead of their carrier goals. The alumni of the college have established many records in the country as well as in abroad, and have adorned various distinguished positions in various fields.  The Rajendra College family aspires that students studying here should touch a new dimension in their life as well as career and enrolls their names in golden letters. At the end I would like to extend my best wishes to all my students, staffs, parents an alumni.

Vision & Values

  • Be Kind

  • Be Respectful

  • Be Responsible

  • Work Hard

  • Have Fun



Dr. Eqbal Imam

Bursar (Expenditure)

Mr. Ajay Kumar

Bursar (Income)

Mr. Harihar Mohan

Head Clerk

Dr. Arun Kumar Singh


Ashok Kumar Singh

Assistant Accountant

Sudha Mehta

Assistant (Botany)

Rajesh Jha

Assistant (Physics)

Rashmi Kumari Roy

Assistant (P.G. Office)

Rashmi Kumari

Assistant (P.G. Office)

Suraj Ram

Assistant (Examination)

Arun Kumar Singh

Assistant (Cashier)

Om Prakash Yadav

Counter in-charge

Luv Kumar

H.A. Office

Lal Babu Prashar

Assistant (library office)

Shashi Bhusan Kr. Das

4th Grade (Zoology)

Munna Singh

4th Grade (Darban)

Ram Babu Ram

4th Grade (Electrician)

Shambhu nath

4th Grade (Examination)

Manki Kumari

4th Grade (Common Room)

Ayub Khan

4th Grade (Principal office)

Ajit Ray

4th Grade (Physics department)

Pramila Devi

4th Grade (H.A. office)

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