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Students' Corner

Student Life @ RCC

“Get Connected, Get Involved”

  • Professors of Rajendra College strives to enhance students educational experience by sponsoring diverse social, cultural and leadership development activities.

  • College promotes active learning both inside and outside the classroom with an emphasis on building friendships and having fun.


A successful student is one who:

  • is actively engaged in their academic progress

  • develops diverse and meaningful connections with others

  • is respectful of policy, process, and timelines

  • contributes positively to the campus, local, and global community

  • acts as a self-advocate by utilizing resources to problem solve, provide appropriate feedback, and make informed decisions

  • enhances the skills necessary to succeed in life after college

  • has an increased sense of self-awareness and wellbeing.


Institutional Distinctiveness @ RCC

Rajendra College functions in a very democratic setting. “By the students, for the students and of the students” has been the motto and the driving force behind all policy decisions of college. Intellectual engagement of students in each and every activity, accepting suggestions and feedback and empowering students by de-centralising processes have been the core values of college. Coordination between management, staff, non-teaching staff and students has created an organisational culture, which fosters innovation and enterprise for the successful implementation of college vision and mission. Development of student centric teaching and learning model and reversing the pyramid to take students at the top of the pyramid has been a successful strategy. College organizes various workshops, programs, seminars etc. that provide opportunities to the students to conceptualize, plan and implement their ideas in sync with the changing dynamics of the world of Science, Social Science, Humanities and Commerce. College encourages student internship, article-assistantship and other industry engagement to expose students to experiential learning. Students are also encouraged to volunteer for social projects.

The vision and thrust of Rajendra College is reflected through the following key activities and initiatives:

  • Student representation on various key statutory and non – statutory committees such as admission, IQAC, placement, international programs committee and so on for their valuable suggestions and feedback

  • Active involvement in planning the logistics and setting up helpdesk at the time of admission to resolve queries of students and parents showing students empowerment..

  • Participation in anti-ragging squad to provide trust and confidence in the institutional culture..

  • Creating conducive environment for participation in research competition and conferences at national and inter -national level..

  • Organising consulate visits/meetings to provide exposure for future opportunities at global level.

  • Participation in various competitions and festivals to display talent in the area of performing arts, fine arts and literature.

  • Organising intra and inter collegiate events in the area of finance, economics, mathematics and other subjects giving an opportunity to students to showcase their leadership skills.

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