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Teaching-Learning Process

Updated: Apr 2, 2022


The main objective of the practice is to encourage the faculties to adapt advance pedagogical methods of teaching which is very necessary in this Covid Pandemic era. This would enable the completion of syllabus as per the academic curriculum. The other objective of Teaching –Learning practice is to improve the pass percentage, average marks in the examinations. This would also improve the academic quality of the students.

The context

Different teachers use different methods to teach in class. They teach at different paces. It was observed that syllabus coverage remains a challenge when there is need of uniformity. There was a need of uniformity and standard setting so that everyone is able to meet the objective of best teaching practices. It has become essential for teachers to adopt to the latest pedagogic styles and include ICT in class room teaching. The mismatch between the student learner and the teacher in the use and comfort of handling varieties of tools available for teaching – learning needs to bridged.

The practice

Through this practice the heads of different departments monitor the pace of coverage of the syllabus. Some departments adapted their class room teaching with the help of ICT. Assignments, tests and evaluation are conducted at scheduled dates to improve performance in the semester – end examinations. Timeline of Assignments, syllabus coverage is monitored by Dean academics at regular intervals.

Evidence of Success

Most of the faculties have adopted modern pedagogic styles and ICT in their classes. The practice has significantly increased the attendance of students in the classroom. An improvement in results have also been observed

Problems encountered and Resources required.

This practice requires a monitoring system which can show the progress and gaps at each point of time.


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